A Brief Historical Timeline of Leaked Pornography

Leaked Pornography has come into the public eye recently with the Celebgate events, but has been in the public eye around for a couple of decades now at least. While there is much more that could potentially be covered, by examining recent examples that feature famous individuals, a general understanding of the evolution of leaked pornography can be gained.

1988- Footage of Rob Lowe engaging in sexual acts with two women was released to the public.

1995-  VHS videotape was stolen from the home of actress Pamela Anderson and musician Tommy Lee (the tape contained explicit video of the couple) during a renovation and was subsequently distributed.

2003-  A distinct change in how leaked pornography is collected occured. Nicholas Jacobson, aka “Myth,” exploited T-Mobile’s network security to steal the personal photos of celebrity customers, such as Paris Hilton by accessing their Sidekick PDAs rather than physically stealing the photographs.

2007- Liz Lee, an underage celebrity, had nude photographs leaked online by her boyfriend. This is also the year in which the term ‘sexting’ was first used in reference to the sharing of sexually explicit content through a texting based medium.

2008- Explicit photos of Edison Chen, an actor from Hong Kong, are released. Chris Chaney exploited the Gmail by guessing usernames and then passwords, via the “forgot my password” feature, to gain access to accounts of various celebrities including Scarlett Johansson. This, along with the “Myth” exploit, can be seen as precursors to the CelebGate event.

2010- Porn Wikileaks is released, which contained the real and stage names as well as names of more than 15,000 porn actors. The actors were justifiably concerned that their sexually transmitted disease histories might be leaked as well. An explicit video of Nazril Irham (AKA Ariel), an Indonesian rock star, is leaked.

2011- Snapchat is created. The app allowed users to send photos, videos, and instant messages that would delete after a set amount of time.

2012- Apps, like Snapsave and Snapspy, appear on app stores. These apps allowed users to exploit Snapchat. Also, Matt Honan, a security expert, was hacked.

2014- Celebgate occurs. The Snappening occurs.

In the last two decades, we have seen a distinct change in how leaked pornography has been gathered over the years. At first, one had to physically collect the photos or videos in order to distribute the pornography. Now, we live in an internet based age where everyone is online and connected. Chris Chaney was able to highlight this effectively. He did not know or even have proximity to the celebrities he hacked. Now, with the Celebgate event and the subsequent Snappening event, the vulnerability of everyone is further highlighted; in a day where everything you do can be exposed online, there is a good chance it will.

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